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Golf de Barbaroux

Just a few kilometers from Brignoles in the Var department, surrounded by vineyards, the Barbaroux Golf Course could have suffered from its out-of-the-way location, but has thrived because the estate has a story behind it – two, in fact. It was initially owned by a wine enthusiast, Patrick Caternet, owner of a vineyard a few hundred meters away, the Château La Margillière and who bought the Barbaroux property in 2001. Grapevines, in fact, are everywhere here, lining the edges of this very hilly course – they comes with the terroir, and the territory.

A “strategic” golf course

It then became a golf course of distinctive prestige by virtue of a signature design.  It is the only golf course in France designed by two brothers, American architects Pete Dye and Paul Burke Dye, technically imaginative and breathtakingly creative architects. Thus making the course one of a kind. Since its unveiling in the late 1980s, the course, steeped in true American golf tradition, has forged a steller reputation. Pete and P.B. Dye used the landscape relief and omnipresent nature to create a course that demands a tactical approach. Foreign– Dutch, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Italian – and regional golfers know why they choose this course: because playing Barbaroux is a challenge to be embraced. Each hole is an adventure all its own: hillsides, six large lakes, numerous dunes, a four-meter-high bunker, Europe’s longest green at 69 meters, diagonal fairways, vineyards and trees to surmount, and much more.

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