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Golf de Valberg

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Golf course
Par 34
Distance 2 m
Olivier Dongradi
Opening date of the club

The community of Valberg called on a specialist in mountain courses, Olivier Dongradi, to design its course. Because it seemed essential to retain all the natural magic of this location. It was, therefore, a very “green” 9-hole which came into being in 2007. The course uses the natural slope of the terrain to the full. With the result that your feet are never level with the ball… You need to know how to vary the height of your grip on the club handle…. Here, there are no fences, no obstacles to the environment. The golfer plays, then, in an open setting, facing the peaks, and may often meet wild animals: deer, foxes, boar… As part of our approach which is respectful of the environment, to limit water consumption only the greens and tees are watered regularly from a spring, everything else is watered by the occasional summer storms. And only organic products are used to maintain the soil. This mountain course is, therefore, one which requires physical fitness and technique. The climb of more than 200m over a course of more than 4,000m (including the walk between holes) requires a good fitness level for lovers of hiking. Golf carts are also 100% electric of course… The fourth hole is both the most beautiful and the most technically demanding. It offers a 360° panorama from Mont Mounier to Saint-Honorat, from the Mercantour to the Argentera. It is played on a little hillock with a very narrow green and the hole on the downhill side, often windy…

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